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  Barnum Hill CD   
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Nick Halley

Barnum Hill

Nick Halley & friends
Richard Baughman, Matt Brewer, Paul Halley, Adam Niewood, Greg Ruggiero  

This album features some of New York's rising jazz stars on saxophones, guitars, and bass – the traditional jazz framework then being expanded to include the wild sounds of percussion from around the world and the great pipe organ.  

Catalogue No.
NH 884501017558

Pelagos no longer carries this CD.



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"...lovely, almost liquid, jazz; not simple, not jarring, yet complex enough to be engaging."



Total Album Time

1.  ◙♫
On Dreaming
Music: Nick Halley

Liz K
Music: Nick Halley

Olivier's Fool
Music: Nick Halley

Music: Nick Halley
and Paul Halley

Music: Greg Ruggiero

Fighting Windmills
Music: Matt Brewer

Barnum Hill (Evening)
Music: Nick Halley

Lights Out,
Drummer Boy

Music: Nick Halley

All compositions by
Paul Halley
© Back Alley Music (ASCAP)
are administered by
Pelagos Incorporated

Catalogue No.
NH 884501017558

Pelagos no longer carries this CD.


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In this CD, original music showcasing the talents of rising jazz stars expands the traditional jazz framework to encompass the wild sounds of Brazilian, Indian and North African percussion, 20th century classical music, and the great pipe organ.



from All About Jazz

Jazz drummer and world percussionist Nick Halley recently released his debut recording, Barnum Hill. Showcasing the talents of rising jazz stars Matt Brewer (bass) and Adam Niewood (saxophones), the traditional jazz framework is expanded in this album to encompass the wild sounds of percussion from around the world, 20th century classical music, and the great pipe organ played by Paul Halley.

Nick Halley spent a year in Brazil studying percussion with masters Marcio Bahia, Oscar Bolao and Pedro Lima as well as performing with Viradoura, one of Rio’s top samba schools. He returned to New York City to attend The New School University’s jazz and contemporary music program, and entered into long-lasting musical friendships with some of the great young musicians in New York’s ever-evolving jazz scene.

Nick tours and records with groups ranging in style from traditional Scottish and Irish to gospel, jazz, Brazilian and popular music. He has performed with artists as wide-ranging as Oscar Castro-Neves, Paul Halley, Maucha Adnet, Chris Norman, Suzie LeBlanc, Theresa Thomason, Rhonda Larson, Cafe, and Jamey Haddad.

When not on tour, Nick is currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia apprenticed to his father as organist and choral conductor at the University of King’s College, St. George’s Anglican Church, and the Atlantic School of Theology. He directs workshops in percussion, music theory, and Brazilian, North African, and South Indian rhythm.

from Customer Reviews

"I bought this album out of curiosity, but wasn't honestly a fan of jazz music. This CD really surprised me though -- lovely, almost liquid, jazz; not simple, not jarring, yet complex enough to be engaging. I really like it and look forward to more music composed by Nick Halley." - irenka farmilo

"Percussion albums do not usually interest me...but this one is out of the ordinary and fantastic... Any person at all interested in percussion should buy this CD, play it and learn."
Doreen Crosbie




Artists & Ensemble
Nick Halley
Richard Baughman
Matt Brewer
Paul Halley
Adam Niewood
Greg Ruggiero
Jon Suters

Nick Halley - frame drum, caxixi, pandeiro, shakers, riq, drums, Rhodes, piano, accordian
Richard Baughman - jingle drum, caxixi, shaker, Hadgini,
Matt Brewer - bass
Paul Halley - pipe organ
Adam Niewood - bass clarinet, saxophones, EWI
Greg Ruggiero - guitars
Jon Suters - acoustic guitars


Produced by Nick Halley and Tom Bates
Tom Bates, Recording Engineer

Recorded at Trinity Episcopal Church, Torrington, CT,
United Church of Christ, Monterey, MA,
and St. John's Anglican Church, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Photography by Jamie Goldenberg
Art Production and Design by Penelope Daborn

© 2008 Nick Halley
All Rights Reserved

Made in USA

Notes, Thanks, and Dedication

"This album is for Tom Bates, without whom it would never have seen the light of day.

Thanks to the musicians, for their brilliance, my family, including the entrie Barnum crowd, Donna and Wayne Burkhart, Brian Duffy, the Fischer-Kobes family, Liz and Graham Allyn, Heather, Schuler, and Andrew Thomason, Jon Suters, Matt Downing, Steve Snyder, Paastor Liz Goodman, Barbara Butler, The Reverend Ellen Tillotson
, Jonathan Wyner, and Jamey Haddad.

Special thanks to Ness and Shay, Sam and Jon, Liz, my mother, and my father, my greatest source of musical inspiration."

- Nick Halley