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  Ten Hymns CD    
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Ten Hymns

Theresa Thomason

Theresa Thomason pairs her agile and elegant voice with a medley of musicians in duet arrangements of gospel favorites.

'Come Thou Fount'
Sound Over All Waters CD with Paul Halley

Pelagos no longer carries this CD.


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Thomason's vibrant and powerful voice rings
with sincere devotion. She is a versatile performer, interpreting everything with exquisite expression."

- Rambles

"Jazzy, elegant, musical magic."


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Total Album Time 58:08


1.  ◙♫
 I'll Fly Away 3:32
A.E. Brumley

2.  ◙♫
The Lord's Prayer 3:14

3.  ◙♫
Amazing Grace 2:14
John Newton,
'Virginia Harmony ' 1831

4.  ◙♫
I Heard The Voice 4:17
H. Bonar

5.  ◙♫
Come Thou Fount 4:02
Robert Robinson
Melody "Nettleton"
c. 1813
arr. P. Halley
T. Thomason
Vocal/Organ Score

6.  ◙♫
Farther Along 4:03
W.B. Stevens

7.  ◙♫
Deep River 3:25

8.  ◙♫
Tis So Sweet 4:51
L. Stead

9.  ◙♫
No Not One 3:19
J. Oatman, Jr.

10.  ◙♫
Close To Thee 6:09
F. J. Crosby,
S. J. Vail

by Paul Halley
and T. Thomason
© Back Alley Music
Administered by
Pelagos Incorporated

Pelagos no longer carries this CD.

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A collection of ten favorite gospel hymns in new arrangements featuring Theresa and an impressive list of musical partners including Carl Lester-El (guitar), Dorothy Papadakous (organ), Rudy Faulkner (vocals), Joe Marno (guitar), Paul Halley (organ), Brenda Cline (piano), Eugene Friesen (cello), Kevin Teasley (keyboard), Eliot Wadopian (bass), Robert Baxter (organ). These ten duets will take you from the sophisticated sounds of jazz to the mood of an old time Revival Meeting . Theresa's gospel and jazz roots shine on every track in an attitude of deep faith and abiding joy.

“Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”, a duet for Thomason and Halley from their "Sound Over All Waters" CD, is a delicate, reverential prayer on a cloud of organ harmonies.   


“To my mom and dad, God's greatest gift to me, there are no words to describe your hard work, love and dedication to my growth and salvation. With you each project and event I've taken on in my life has been easier to conquer. Hope to emulate your sincerity along with the example Christ has left for us." 

 - Theresa Thomason's opening dedication on Ten Hymns.






Theresa Thomason

and guests

Theresa Thomason- vocals all tracks

(track reference)
1. Cark Kester - bass, guitar
2. Dorothy Papadakous -  organ
3. Rudy Faulker - vocals
4. Joe Marno -  guitar
5. Paul Halley - organ
6. Brenda Cline - piano
7. Eugene Friesen - cello
8. Kevin Teasley - keyboard
9. Eliot Wadopian - bass
10. Robert Baxter - organ


1. I'll Fly Away
Recorded by Lance Dickerson
Produced and mixed by Joe Marno

2. The Lord's Prayer
Recorded, produced and mixed by Joe Marno

3. Amazing Grace
Recorded and produced by Rudy Faulker
Mixed by Joe Marno

4. I Heard The Voice
Recorded by Bob Miller and Joe Marno
Produced and mixed by Joe Marno

5. Come Thou Fount
Recorded and mixed by Tom Bates
Produced by Paul Halley, Tom Bates, and  Joe Marno

6. Farther Along
Recorded, produced and mixed by Joe Marno

7. Deep River
Recorded by Tom Bates
Produced and mixed by Joe Marno

8. Tis So Sweet
Recorded by Kevin Teasley
Produced by Kevin Teasley and Theresa Thomason
Mixed by Joe Marno

9. No Not One
Recorded by Tom Bates
Produced and mixed by Joe Marno

10. Close To Thee
Recorded, produced and mixed by Joe Marno

© 2004 Sacred Sounds Music
All Rights Reserved
Made in USA

Track No. 5 Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing
© 1998 Pelagos Incorporated
All Rights Reserved
Made in USA