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The Story

Painting by David Densmore


Susan Osborn

Paul Halley
Nancy Rumbel
Ralf Illenberger
Singer/lyricist Susan Osborn performs another round of beautiful classical masterpieces arranged for piano and voice by Paul Halley.

Lyrics by
Osborn & Densmore


Pelagos no longer carries this CD.


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"This remarkable collaboration between Susan Osborn, David Densmore
and their gifted musician friends, including double reed player Nancy Rumble, arranger Paul Halley, and of course, ten of history's most famous composers,
deserves a golden platter award!"

Bill Humphreys



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Total Album Time

1.  ◙♫
Soliloquy 4:40
Cavalleria Rusticana
P. Mascagni

2.  ◙♫
Vespers 3:12
Ave Verum Corpus
W. A. Mozart

3.  ◙♫
Morning Mood 4:22
Morning Mood
E. Grieg

4.  ◙♫
Tideline 4:51
G. Faure

5.  ◙♫
Essentially 3:59
Melody in F
A. Rubinstein

6.  ◙♫
Butterfly 3:52
from Songs
Without Words
F. Mendelssohn

7.  ◙♫
Walk in Beauty 3:46
Air from Concerto
Grosso #12
G. F. Handel

8.  ◙♫
Shadowlands 6:06
from third movement Symphony No.3
J. Brahms

9.  ◙♫
Pianosong 4:04
P. Halley

10.  ◙♫
The Return 4:10
Nimrod from
Enigma Variations
E. Elgar

11.  ◙♫
Silent Rhapsody 3:28
Symphony No. 6
P.I. Tchairkovsky

All English lyrics
by Susan Osborn
and David Densmore

Japanese Lyrics for
Song of the Birds:
Itsuki Sensei

All arrangements
by Paul Halley
© Back Alley Music (ASCAP)
Administered by
Pelagos Incorporated

Pelagos no longer carries this CD.


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Singer/lyricist Susan Osborn performs MORE beautiful classical masterpieces
arranged for piano and voice by Paul Halley.

A sequel to Still Life, these arrangements for solo voice and piano by Paul Halley evoke the serenity and beauty of quiet harbors around Osborn's home of Orcas Island, and the delicacy of life at the fluid boundary where tide meets land.  Paul Halley has again created beautifully simple arrangements of symphonic works by Mascagni, Mozart, Faure, and Elgar and others, while Osborn and husband, David Densmore provide more unforgettably new verse as lyrics for these songs. At Osborn's request, Halley's own Pianosong is included in this compilation. The titles alone, such as Soliloquy, Morning Mood, Shadowlands and Silent Rhapsody, give an indication of the serenity of these arrangements, lifted to a new realm by the quiet power of Susan Osborn's mezzo-soprano voice. With the contributions of Ralf Illenberger on guitars, Nancy Rumbel on oboe and English horn, and Paul Halley on keyboards, this is an album to savor again and again. To quote Anne Morrow Lindbergh, this is truly 'a Gift from the Sea'.

“Creating lyrics for these classical masterpieces was a challenge and an honor for my husband David and me. Often, as we were listening and writing, we felt that we were completely lost in the woods. Then, the music would begin to speak to us, a trail would appear that we could follow, and a story would slowly and miraculously unfold. In the end, of course, this music needs no words. It has resonated with the human soul through the centuries. However, the words gave me a way to enter and experience the incredible joy of singing these timeless melodies.”

- Susan Osborn

For over 25 years, singer and songwriter Susan Osborn has held the high ground of vocal artistry. Her startlingly remarkable voice -- powerful and rich with emotional expression -- came to world prominence when she was lead singer of the Paul Winter Consort between 1978 and 1985, shining on such albums as "Common Ground" and "Missa Gaia."

Osborn has also performed at the United Nations, the Berlin Wall, the Nagano Winter Olympics, the Global Forum in Kyoto and the Hague, and numerous memorial and peace ceremonies at Hiroshima and Post-9/11 New York.

1991 saw the start of a long association in Japan. Osborn's voice has been heard on Toyota commercials and film soundtracks, on a two hour HDTV Special on her life for Asahi Television, at the Winter Olympics, in a stage musical, a televised New Year's Eve program with Skitch Henderson, and at numerous concerts and memorial services.

Recording six albums on Japan's prestigious Pony Canyon label, Osborn's recordings express themes ranging from Japanese folk melodies with English lyrics, Disney song classics, "Still Life" and the most recent "Tideline," both featuring Western classical melodies with English lyrics. Most of these albums, and others, including "Signature," "All Through the Night," "Journey Live," and "ReUnion" are released in the states on Osborn's Golden Throat Recordings label.

Stylistically, Osborn's approach spans original songs (pianist Paul Halley and songwriter Bill Lauf are favorite collaborators) to classical favorites to the freewheeling scat she records with jazz guitarist Ralf Illenberger. She brings refreshing inspiration to pop and jazz standards -- recently working with Seattle jazz legend Overton Berry -- and her candlelit Victorian Valley Chapel Christmas concert series is an established Orcas Island tradition.

The mosaic of artists who have inspired her life includes Brazilian percussionist Nana Vasconcelos, folk legend Odetta, singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams, Miles Davis keyboardist Robert Irving, Broadway star Betty Buckley, New York Pops maestro Skitch Henderson, the guitar/vocal duo Tuck & Patti, pianist/composer Paul Halley, Native American flutist Gary Stroutsos, oboeist Nancy Rumbel, African master drummer Baba Olatunji, and a menagerie of wild animal voices with the Paul Winter Consort.

For the past two decades, Osborn and her husband, artist/writer David Densmore, have lived on Orcas Island, WA. Here, the serenity of nature and the synergy of the island's vital artistic community inspired the creation of numerous original songs.


from CD Baby Customer Reviews
The voice, the lyrics and Pianosong combine to sound divine!
"Pianosong is the reason I purchased this CD. I have known Pianosong for several years. The tender message in the lyrics and an angelic voice have only improved an already perfect sound.

- Joyce Hunter
"This remarkable collaboration between Susan Osborn, David Densmore and their gifted musician friends, including double reed player/Emmy Award Winner Nancy Rumble, arranger Paul Halley, and of course, ten of history's most famous composers, deserves a golden platter award!! It is definitely a must for a connoiseur vocal CD collection."

- Bill Humphreys




Susan Osborn

Paul Halley
Nancy Rumbel
Ralf Illenberger

Susan Osborn - Vocals
Paul Halley – Keyboards
Nancy Rumbel – Oboe, English Horn
Ralf Illenberger - Guitars


Produced by Susan Osborn

Mastering by Yoshihiro Kawasaki, Pony Canyon

Engineer: Reed Ruddy

Assistant Engineer: Studio X Brian Valentino

Mastering by Yoshihiro Kawasaki, Pony Canyon

Recorded at a friend’s place, Orcas Island, WA
The Pink Palace, Orcas Island, WA
Studio X, Seattle, WA

Paul Halley plays a Steinway Grand and a Kurzweil 2600.

Design by Tina Rose

Cover painting "Oyster Beds" by David Densmore

Paul Halley appears courtesy of Pelagos Music.

Nancy Rumbel appears courtesy of Narada Records.

Ralf Illenberger appears courtesy of Injoy Music

© 2002 Golden Throat Recordings
© 2002 (Asia) Pony Canyon International
Released in Japan as "The Little Tern"