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  Recording  • Voices of Light     
"Voices of Light shows admirably what these forty boys and girls, ages eight to fourteen, can accomplish." - The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians

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Total Album Time

Four compositions are by Paul Halley
© Back Alley Music (ASCAP)

1.  ◙♫
Chorus Angelicus
Words & Music: P. Halley

Ave Maria
Words: Latin
M. Dupre

3.  ◙♫  
Lord of All Hopefulness
Words: J. Struthers
Trad. Irish
arr. P. Halley
Sheet Music PEL2008

Rock-A My Soul
Words & Music: Spiritual
arr. P. Halley
Sheet Music PEL2035

My Heart's Friend
Words: Shoshone Love Song
I. Raminsh

6.  ◙♫
Les Petits Troubadours De Dieu
Words: Prayer of St. Francis
Psalms 27, 148, 149, 150
P. Halley
Sheet Music PEL2082

7.  ◙♫ 
Panis Angelicus
Words: Latin
C. Franck

8. - 11.
Misa Brevis
Words: Latin Mass
B. Britten




10.  ◙♫
Sanctus and

11.  ◙♫
Agnus Dei

12.  ◙♫
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair
Words & Music: S. Foster

The Glen Lyon Lament
Words & Music: Trad. Gaelic

Ticket To Ride
Words & Music:
J. Lennon, P. McCartney
arr. P. Halley

Lucis Creator
Words: Latin
Gregorian Chant

Prayer Of St. Richard Of Chichester
Words: Trad.
L.J. White

Voices of Light
6th cent. Latin
trans. A. K. LeCroy,
and Paul Halley

P. Halley

Sheet Music PEL2005

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Four compositions by Paul Halley
© Back Alley Music (ASCAP)

Catalogue No. JN101 CD
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Voices of Light


Directed by Paul Halley

Debut album of Paul Halley's children's choir with several Halley arrangements.

Catalogue No. JN101 CD
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A beautiful collection of songs, both sacred and secular, from the repertoire of this renowned children's choir. Voices of Light is the debut recording of Paul Halley’s Chorus Angelicus. A bountiful potpourri, this album highlights such favorites as Britten’s Missa Brevis, Halley’s Les Petits Troubadours, the classic spiritual Rock-A My Soul, and the luminous title cut, composed for Chorus Angelicus.


from The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians

"Voices of Light shows admirably what these forty boys and girls, ages eight to fourteen, can accomplish." – Victor Hill

from The American Organist Magazine

This batch of recordings reflects the enormous range of Paul Halley's interests and talents. Selections on Voices of Light range from the "seriously" classical to the unabashedly popular, with most of the latter arranged in simple unison or two-part settings for chorus and accompaniment. Impressive as a sampler of the youthful ensembles in various moods, the abrupt changes in compositional style - exemplified by "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" coming close upon the heels of Britten's "Agnus Dei" - will send some listeners searching for their "program" buttons. The lack of a text insert is unfortunate, too, especially in the case of Les Petits Troubadors de Dieu with its close interaction between voices and instruments. These flaws, in addition to other momentary lapses in intonation and vocal quality, will limit the appeal of this recording for the general collector."
- Jennifer Kolmes




Chorus Angelicus

Directed by Paul Halley 

Paul Halley, Piano & pipe organ
Rhonda Larson, Flute
Jordan Rudes, Kurzweil synthesizer
Elizabeth Allyn, Rehearsal accompanist

Tom Bates, Recording Engineer

Produced by Tom Bates & Paul Halley

Margaret Race, Executive Producer

Choir recorded at
Westminster School Chapel, Simsbury, CT
Flute and Kurzweil synthesizer recorded at Battell Chapel, Norfolk, CT
Organ and piano recorded at Church of Christ Congregational, Norfolk, CT

, Art Design and Production
Margaret Race, Cover drawing and Chorus Angelicus logo design
Margaret Race, Creative Supervision

Chorus Angelicus

Julie Bickford
Robert Bickford
Kate Campion
Maribeth Diggle - soloist Track 5 Les Petits troubadours + Track 10 Missa Brevis Sanctus
Daniel Falco
Nicholas Halley - soloist Track 9 Missa Brevis Gloria
Samantha Halley
Vanessa Halley - soloist Track 9 Missa Brevis Gloria + Track 10 Sanctus
Ellen Hamm
Marie Laser
Gregory Lloyd
Celeste Lodevole
Katherine Lovendale
David Lovendale
Anne Moore
Wootie Mitchell
Liz O’Meara-Goldberg
Nathaniel Rogers - soloist Track 9 Missa Brevis Gloria
Cordell Smith
Talia Smith - soloist Track 9 Missa Brevis Gloria
Addie Stumolo
William Strumolo
Angela Tadiello
Julia Torrant
Emily Werne

© 1994 Paul Halley/Joyful Noise Inc.
Paul Halley, Joyful Noise Inc. Artistic Director
Margaret Race, Joyful Noise Inc., Executive Director

All Rights Reserved
Made in USA

  Recording  • Voices of Light