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    Synchronization License Request Form  

Live stream performances and online videos that contain copyrighted content require a synchronization license from the copyriught holder.
During Covid-19,  many of you have asked to use our copyrighted music for live streams and recorded video for congregational worship or other non-comercial use. For compositions whololy or partially written by Paul Halley, a synchronization license from Pelagosmusic on behalf of the copyright holder must be secured befor proceeding with your project. What do our license fees for this use generally run - for non-commercial postings? License Fee/Royalty: $8.00 per song minute, with a minimum fee/royalty of $40.00. An administration fee of $10.00 is additional. (In certain csituations we may elect to waive our fees.) Please provide us with details about your proposed project by submitting the Streaming License Request Form on this page so that we can issue a synchronization license that addresses your project's needs.


If your browser does not support forms, please send an e-mail to us at info@pelagosmusic.com.

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