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  Recording  • Untraveled Worlds  

"...so clear, so tight an ensemble, sounding as one voice at times, and the quality of that sound almost as a resonating glass of water." - The New York Times

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Total Album Time 60:06

Four compositions are by Paul Halley
© Back Alley Music (ASCAP)

1.  ◙♫
Untraveled Worlds
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
P. Halley
Sheet Music PEL2025

Drop, Drop Slow Tears
Words: P. Fletcher
O. Gibbons
arr. P. Ledger
Who Can Sail? 
Words: Trad. Finnish
trans. Swedish & English
Music: Trad. Finnish
arr. C. Agnestig

Gladsome Light
Words: Russian Orthodox Liturgy
P. Chesnokov

Mbiri Kuna Mwari   
Shona Mass
L. Kesselman

Ave Maria
Words: 15th cent.
Music: F. Poulenc

The Grey Selchie 
Words & Music: Scottish Folksong
arr. P. Halley
Sheet Music PEL2010

8.  ◙♫
Pie Jesu  
Words: The Requiem Mass
A.L. Weber

The Cherubic Hymn 
Russian Orthodox Liturgy
P. Chesnokov

Words: Psalm 68: 21-22
M. Robinson

Song of Wandering Aengus
Words: W.B. Yeats
Trad. Irish
arr. P. Halley
Sheet Music PEL2011

12.  ◙♫
Niska Banja 
Words &
Serbian Gypsy Dance

arr. N. Page

Nepusk, vejeli 
Words &
Lithuanian Folksong 

arr. Z. Venckus

God Be Merciful Unto Us
Psalm 67
P. Halley
Sheet Music PEL2021   

Misa Pequena
Words: Roman Rite
Music: F. Nunez

Senor, Ten Peidad 
Gloria A Dios 
Creo En Dios
Santo, Santo, Santo 
Cordero De Dios 

Away from the Roll of the Sea
Words &
 A. MacGillivray
arr. S. Calvert

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Four compositions by Paul Halley
© Back Alley Music (ASCAP)

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Untraveled Worlds

Directed by Paul Halley

Chorus Angelicus provides the perfect voice for a song journey around the world. 

Catalogue No. PEL1004 
Physical CDs no longer in stock. Please order downloads from CD Baby through the music player above.




Chorus Angelicus, the internationally acclaimed children's choir directed by Grammy-winner Paul Halley, delivers a polished presentation of beautiful choral repertoire from around the world. Last heard on a Telarc release with such luminaries as Meryl Streep, Dawn Upshaw, and the London Symphony Orchestra, this accomplished ensemble shines in a new compilation of their most vibrant repertoire from Serbia and Russia to South Africa and the Dominican Republic. Sophisticated interpretations of the styles and languages of twelve different countries, and the unusual instrumentation on accompanied pieces, create a distinctive tone of authenticity and atmosphere. Opening with the title cut, "Untraveled Worlds", a new composition by Paul Halley based on the Tennyson poem "Ulysses", the listener is immediately engaged upon a magical journey to distant worlds.


from The New York Times


"…so clear, so tight an ensemble, sounding as one voice at times, and the quality of that sound almost as a resonating glass of water."

- Valerie Cruice

from Maine Public Radio MPBN

“This CD demonstrates what can be done by young performers in even the most rural setting, with proper direction and inspiration. A SUPERB recording, both in terms of  performance and recording technique. 

- Barry Darling, Classical Music Host, MPBN

from The American Organist Magazine

"This recording derives both the title and theme from the text of the opening selection, taken from Tennyson’s “Ulysses”: “…all experience is an arch wherethrough / Gleams that untraveled world whose margin fades / For ever and for ever when I move.” As a meditation on human longing and the mystical experience of alternative realities, “Untraveled Worlds” as a whole succeeds to a degree that far surpasses the impact of any single work therein contained. That this is accomplished against a stylistic background of New Age flavor is perhaps not surprising. Halley is obviously at home with the fluidity of this genre, and he uses it here with masterful skill to guide the listener on an evocative tour through time and space. Chorus Angelicus lives up to its name, delivering texts in any of eight languages with the clarity and precision of a single cherubic voice. For harried souls in troubled times, “Untraveled Worlds” offers a room with a panoramic view of images beckoning from beyond the scope of everyday experience.”

- Jennifer Kolmes

from ``Choral Traditions'' & ``Orgelwerke''
WCNY-FM, Syracuse, WUNY-FM, Utica, WJNY-FM, Watertown

"WHERE have you all been hiding this incredible chorus?? I was reading through the program notes and noticed that they have been in existence since about 1991. I placed the disc into my computer and listened as I was working on some projects and - was just blown away!! Not only is the blend of their voices perfect, but the musical message expressed by these young singers is absolutely awesome! The sound of the full chorus just wraps around you like angel wings and lifts one's spirits to a higher level. That's the best way that I can describe my feelings when I was introduced to this intriguing CD release. And then, there is the production aspect -- outstanding, to say the least. You should receive some kind of an award for this release.

Thank you for this wonderful introduction to Chorus Angelicus.....may there be many more CDs in their future." 

- Bonnie Beth Derby
Program Coordinator/Producer/Announcer/Host

from the author of two volumes on Poulenc
“Selected Correspondence” and “Music, Art and Literature”

"I am stunned silly by the beauty of Chorus Angelicus.  What an achievement!  The voices and the musicianship are nothing short of outstanding. And thrilled I was to hear, on "Untraveled Worlds", the little Poulenc Ave Maria, exquisitely sung, in the perfect Poulenc medium.  He always loved more than any other sound the glory of children's voices.  I think he would have been absolutely ecstatic to hear this rendition."

- Sidney Buckland, United Kingdom


Chorus Angelicus

Directed by Paul Halley 

Paul Halley, keyboards
Allan Dean, trumpet
Mary Rowell, violin
Jamey Haddad, percussion

Produced by Tom Bates & Paul Halley

Margaret Race, Executive Producer
Tom Bates, Recording Engineer
Karen Sovak, Project Assistant

Choir recorded at
Salisbury School Chapel, Salisbury, CT
and Hotchkiss School Chapel, Lakeville, CT

Keyboards, trumpet, violin, and percussion recorded at
Battell Chapel, Norfolk, CT and Trinity Episcopal Church, Torrington, CT

Cole Design Group, Art Design and Production
Margaret Race, Creative Supervision

Special thanks to Carol Magowan
and the staff at Joyful Noise, Inc.
Patricia Daly, Executive Director
Elizabeth Allyn, Assistant Director

Chorus Angelicus
The Salisbury Sessions – June 1997 

Elena Barrett
Katie Besançon
Kate Campion
Emma Clune
Maribeth Diggle
Kyle Fournier
Samantha Halley
Vanessa Halley
Marie Laser
Gregory Lloyd
Celeste Lodevole
Liz O’Meara-Goldberg
Nathaniel Rogers
Owen Shearer
William Strumolo
Julia Torrant
Jonathan Ward
Emily Werne

Chorus Angelicus
The Hotchkiss Sessions – June 2000

Elena Barrett
Kate Campion
Emma Clune
Whitney Cook  
Theresa Degan
Alicia DePaolo
Eryn Deprey  
Caitlin Flieger
Benjamin Gray
Grace Hitchcock  
Alison Hodgkin
Elizabeth Kobes
Karla Lindquist  
Caroline Lloyd
Celeste Lodevole
Jolanta Lorenc  
Sarah McGlinchy
Elizabeth Rogers
Owen Shearer  
May Stoffer
Andrew Thomson
Julia Torrant  
Alicia Wells
Rebecca Wells
Eliot Wilson

© 2000 Pelagos Incorporated
All Rights Reserved
Made in USA

  Recording  • Untraveled Worlds