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Hello Paul,
I have been meaning to get in touch with you to tell you how much I am loving your wonderful piece 'A Brighter Garden". I want to thank you most sincerely for writing such an amazing piece that is challenging and nourishing the choir and me on so many  levels. Commissioning a new work is always a leap of faith and you have certainly confirmed my belief that it is worth undertaking.

- Elaine Quilichini, Calgary Girls Choir

      Commission a new work

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Halley style

'Halley’s mellifluous tone and subtle harmonic shifts sent many in the audience home in a state of musical rapture. '
- The Washington Post

'It was Halley’s own arrangements that transformed this event into a genuinely moving and often heart-rending tribute to the best that the American spirit has to offer.' 
- The Berkshire Eagle 

'Halley draws upon (an) eclectic vision, including elements of classical and Celtic music, folk songs, and fantasies in his compositions. Playing music that is at once vibrant and intricately contrapuntal, he deploys the instruments with a symphonic sense of coloration.
- Billboard Magazine 

'Halley composed much of the music, setting poetry and other selections to majestic,
graceful melodies and arrangements. Halley (and Thomason) present a seamless unity
of passion and praise, blending the old and the new in a CD replete with respect for the content … an enriching experience regardless of your belief system;
there is a universality in the musical expression that transcends denomination.'
- Rambles Online

'Halley has a strong sense of melody and harmony, a boundless range of technique
and an irresistibly affirmative point of view.'
- Tower Records

'…a powerhouse of ingenuity, creativity and soulfulness. Halley’s mastery of styles from French Impressionism to Jazz and New Age is nothing short of absolute brilliance.'
- The Living Church

'Halley eschews sectarian ritual, instead creating a kind of supernatural realm
for acoustic and emotional interplay.'
-The American Organist

'What earns this recording a place in the Pantheon are the descants Halley wrote for four carols, fresh, audacious and thrilling.'
- The Absolute Sound

'Halley’s vision of a world without boundaries is powerfully conveyed in a work that will continue to delight, inspire, and amaze after many repeated auditions.'
-  The American Organist Magazine 

'The melodies he [Paul Halley] wrote for his solo piano/pipe organ LP, Pianosong, are so tuneful Barry Manilow would become an axe murderer just for the chance to say "I wrote them."’ 
- Cincinnati Enquirer 

'Halley has managed to banish murkiness altogether from his playing. Perhaps it’s his clarity that’s most outstanding, or maybe because of his clarity
he can accomplish so much more than ordinary mortals.'
- Kitchener/Waterloo Record







About commissions

Are you interested in commissioning a new work for your organization, for a premiere performance, or to commemorate a special event? Please consider Pelagos Music and the talent of composer Paul Halley. Choral and instrumental compositions, from solo works to full  orchestrations, may be commissioned. Prices are quoted per minute according to the finished length of the work.

For commissions of choral music or works for voice, the provision of an existing text, preferably in the public domain, is extremely helpful.  Your requests as to specific voicing and accompanying instrumentation are also appreciated.  Paul is a very versatile composer who can most likely accommodate anything you may envision.  The rate schedule serves as a general guide and pricing can be modified to address customized variations in voicing and instrumentation.  You may wish to speak with Paul directly about these musical details as he proceeds with your commission.  The dedication, specified by the commissioning organization or individual, is found above the title on the first page of music on all commissioned works. You may select the wording you wish for the dedication. 

The commissioning organization is given the exclusive right to perform the premiere of the work. After the premiere performance, Pelagos usually publishes the work so that other organizations throughout the world may perform this new Paul Halley piece which you caused to be created.  It is gratifying for an organization to see the work that it commissioned subsequently performed in many countries throughout the world and perhaps recorded by other ensembles.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about the process of commissioning a new work.

For commission information in PDF format, click on the links below.
PDF Paul Halley General Commission Information

PDF Paul Halley Biography
PDF Paul Halley Commissions Schedule of Rates

PDF Paul Halley - Full List of Commissioned Works

Completed commissions
Listed in chronological order from 1972 to date.
Scroll to the bottom to see most recent works.

Below is a list of commissioned works by Paul Halley many of which have been published and distributed by Pelagos and other publishers. This list shows the range of organizations for which Paul has created new works, and the diverse possibilities in voicing and instrumentation.

Many of the works listed below are published by Pelagos. A hyperlink on the title will bring you to the page about that titles specifically. Or, to see all our published music listing, go to Sheet Music.


Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis
1972 – 6 mins
For Richard Marlow
and the Choir of Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge
Text: The Book of Common Prayer (Rte I)
Men’s voices (TTBB) unaccompanied

The Canticle of the Sun •
1979 – 15 mins
For Richard Westenburg
and Musica Sacra, NYC
Text: St. Francis of Assisi
Women’s voices (SSAA) unaccompanied


(Six) Love Songs for Springtime •
1981 – 21 mins 
For Brian Law
and the Ottawa Choral Society
Text: English folk texts
SATB choir and piano or brass quintet and percussion

Sound Over All Waters •
1982 - 4 mins
For Coretta Scott King
Text: John Greenleaf Whittier
Mezzo-soprano Solo, SATB choir and piano,
with optional bass and percussion

Christe Qui Lux Es Et Dies •
1983 – 7-1/2 mins 
For Mr. Coit Johnson
in honor of Pamela Morton,
wife of James Parks Morton, Dean of
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC 
Text: Latin
SATB choir unaccompanied

Wondrous Love •
1985 - 8-1/2 mins 
For the Reverend James Parks Morton
and the Choirs of
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC
Text: American folk hymn
SATB choir, brass, timpani and organ

Song For Canada •
1989 – 4 mins)
For Barbara Clark,
for the Canada Day Celebration,
Text: Paul Halley
SATB choir and piano,
with optional bass and percussion


Ubi Caritas
1991 - 8 mins 
For Abdel Salaam
and The Forces of Nature Dance Company
Text: French 10th cent.,
Yoruba and Khemitic texts
SATB choir and piano,
percussion, bass, optional organ

Les Petits Troubadours De Dieu •
1992 – 9 mins 
For Brian Law
and the Ottawa Choral Society,
Text: St. Francis of Assisi, Psalms 27, 148, 149, 150
SSA choir (with optional SATB choir) and piano

Jesu, The Very Thought Of Thee •
1994 – 5-1/2 mins
For Noel Edison and The Elora Festival Singers
Text: 12th century Latin,
(translation Edward Caswell)
SATB choir and organ

Verbum Caro Factum Est •
1994 – 6 mins
For Wayne Abercrombie
and the Chamber Choir of Williams College 
Text: John 1:14
SATB choir unaccompanied

A Letter from Giocondo •
1998 – 20 mins
For Juniata College, Huntington, PA
in honor of President Robert W. Neff
upon his retirement 
Text: Fra Giovanni Giocondo, 1513
SATB choir and wind ensemble or orchestra 

God Be Merciful Unto Us •
1998 – 3-1/2 mins
For Millard and Claire Pryor,
on the occasion of their daughter’s wedding
Text: Psalm 67
SSA choir with organ and trumpet 

United In Song •
1998 – 4-1/2 mins 
For Arts Bureau for the Continents
for the Millennium Unisong Festival 2000, Ottawa
Text: Paul Halley
Treble choir and/or SATB choir,
and piano four hands or orchestra

Evening Songs •
1999 – 30 mins
For Gerald Finley and Louise Winter,
premiered August 1999
A cycle of seven songs
based on texts by Max Ehrmann
Baritone, mezzo-soprano and piano

The Ballad of Hiram Hover and Huldah Hyde•
1999 - 4 mins
For Carol Magowan
on behalf of Chorus Angelicus
Text: James Bayard Taylor, 19th cent.
SSA and piano


Untraveled Worlds •
2000 – 6 mins 
For Bruce Fifer
and the Collegium Musicum
of Taft School for Commencement, May 25, 2000
Text: Alfred, Lord Tennyson 'Ulysses'
SATB choir, violin, piano,
percussion and optional strings

Sanctus and Benedictus •
2000 – 4 mins 
For Dr. Joe Hickman
and the University of North Carolina
at Wilmington Chamber Choir
Text: Latin Mass
SATB choir and organ
with soprano saxophone or C-instrument
Recorded on In The Wide Awe And Wisdom PEL1006 CD

Birds of Fire •
2000 – 4 mins 
For Barry Oliver and
The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus,
Text: Latin Mass
AATTBB choir, bass,
percussion and Native American flute

A House In Heaven •
2001 – 6 mins 
For The Peterborough Singers
in honor of James Birrell*,
son of Music Director Syd Birrell.
Text: M.D. Babcock, H.C. Beeching,
B. Carman, J. Birrell, Psalm 8
Treble & SATB choirs, flute, piano, organ 
*Nine months after the premiere performance of this work,
eight-year old James Birrell died of neuroblastoma. 

Preces and Responses •
2001 – 4 mins 
For David Link
and the Trinity Cathedral Choir, Sacramento, CA
by Patricia Burger and Steven Courtney
in honor of the 100th birthday of Bertha R.P. Nelson.
Text: 1928 Episcopal Hymnbook
SATB choir unaccompanied

My Beloved Spake •
2002 – 5 mins 
For Andrew Eliot Henderson
and Mary Wannamaker Huff
on the occasion of their wedding.
Text: Song of Solomon
SATB choir with soprano solo, organ and trumpet
Recorded on In The Wide Awe And Wisdom PEL1006 CD 

Bring Us, O Lord God •
2002 – 4 mins 
For the Choir of Men and Boys,
Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
in honor of Mr. Boyd Jarrell, cantor
Text: John Donne
SATB choir and organ with baritone solo

Psalm 57 •
2003 –  4 mins
For Michael Cothren and Susan Lowry
for Emma Lowry Cothren’s
George Slick Fellowship recital.
Text: Psalm 57 –
Episcopal Book of Common Prayer 1979
Soprano Solo, SATB choir, piano or harp, organ

In Sideribus Domi - At Home In The Stars •
2003 – 30 mins
For The Clay Center of Science and Art, Charleston, WV  
A Continental Harmony Project
of American Composers Forum
Text: Anne Lynch, Joseph Addison,
David Densmore, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,
Michael Rowan- Robinson, Gregorian Chant
SATB choir and orchestra or piano,
soprano sax, cello, bass, guitar, percussion

The Endless Sea •
2004 –  6 mins
For Margaret T. Bossi
and Chatham Chorale, Cape Cod
in honor of Elinor Perry
Texts: Psalm 104, Herman Melville,
Carl Sandberg, Alfred, Lord Tennyson
SATB choir, piano, sax, cello,
oboe, bass, percussion, organ

Behold! The Grace Appears •
2004 –  8 mins
For Lorraine Revelle
and Northern Choral Society, Watertown, NY,
for the 50th anniversary concert
Texts: Isaac Watts, The Bible,
and The Book of Common Prayer
SATB/treble choirs, brass,
organ, piano, bells, perc.

We Will Rejoice For Evermore •
2004 –  4 mins
For First Congregational Church of Evanston
in honor of Mr. David Lornson, Music Director
Text: from “Gates of Prayer” 1975
(The New Union Prayerbook)
SATB choir and organ
Recorded on In The Wide Awe And Wisdom PEL1006 CD

I Cannot Dance, O Love • 
2005 –  4 mins
For the Greater Hartford AGO
premiered by CONCORA
for the Region 1 AGO Conference, July 2005
Text: Jean Weibe Janzen
after 12th century Mechthild of Magdeburg,
Charles Wesley
SATB choir and organ
Recorded on In The Wide Awe And Wisdom PEL1006 CD

Be Thou By Their Side •
2005 –  6 mins
For David and Mary Dangremond
for Bruce Fifer and
Taft School Collegium Musicum
Text: William Amory Gardner,
trad. Irish ca. 700
SATB choir and piano,
with small instrumental ensemble

Christ, Whose Glory Fills The Skies •
2005 –  4 mins
For Noel Edison
and the Choir of St. John’s Anglican Church, Elora, ON
in honor of The Reverend Robert Hulce
Text: Charles Wesley (1707 – 1778)
SATB choir and organ

Seven Sisters •
2006 –  6 mins
For Steve Zimmerman
and the Northwest Regional 7
High School Wind Bands
Wind band and percussion ensemble

O Wondrous Type •
2006 –  5 mins
For Dr. Scott Bennett
and Grace Episcopal Church, Charleston, SC
Text: Latin, 15th cent; tr.
Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1861
SATB choir and organ

The Open Door •
2007 –  5 mins
For Sharon Parker Lenihan
and Plymouth Congregational Church,
West Des Moines, IA
Text: Rumi, John Greenleaf Whittier,
John Oxenham
SATB choir and piano,
organ, percussion, bass

Pilgrim •
2007 –  6 mins
For Peter Robb
and Pacific International Children's
Choral Festival PICCFEST
Text: Antonia Machado, Rainer Maria Rilke
SSA choir and piano,
percussion, bass, strings, and trumpet

Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis •
2007 –  8 mins
For Philip Scriven
and the Boys of Lichfield Cathedral
Text: The Book of Common Prayer
SSA choir and organ

Eternal Gifts •

2007 –  5 mins
For the Choir of Men and Boys
of St, Matthew's Church, Ottawa, ON
on the occasion of the choir's 50th anniversary
Text: St. Matthew, St. Francis of Assisi,
Bishop Thomas Ken (1721),  St. Ambrose

SATB choir and organ

Kyrie, Bitte bei der grossen Schuld •
Arrangement of J.S. Bach BWV115
2007 –  5 mins
For Massimo Bracci
and Corale San Jacopo, Italy
Text: Psalm 51, Johann Burchard Freystein
SATB choir and piano,
organ, bass, clarinet, flute

The Spirit of Africville •
2008 –   8 mins
For Jeff Joudrey
and the Halifax Camerata Singers
Text: Shauntay Grant, William Cowper
SATB choir, narrator, and piano, organ,
percussion, bass

The Place Of Your Abode •
2008 –   4 mins
For Warren Howell
and St. John's Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC
Text: Psalm 84, Timothy Dwight
SATB choir and organ

The Pulley •
2008 –   4 mins
For the University of King's College, Halifax, NS
in honor of Dr. George Cooper
Text: George Herbert
SATB choir unaccompanied
Recorded on In The Wide Awe And Wisdom PEL1006 CD

Psalm 150: Laudate Dominum •
2008 - 3 mins
For Lawrence Park Community Church, Toronto
to celebrate the rededication of the sanctuary
Mark Toews, music director
Text: Psalm 150
SATB choir, organ, trumpet, optional tympani
Premiered October 19, 2008
Recorded on In The Wide Awe And Wisdom PEL1006 CD

A Brighter Garden •
2009 - 4 mins
Commissioned by the Plater Family
for Calgary Girls Choir, Elaine Quilichini, director
Text: "There Is Another Sky" by Emily Dickinson
SSA choir and piano with soprano solo, and French Horn
Premiered May 2, 2009
Recorded on In The Wide Awe And Wisdom PEL1006 CD

The Song In The Air •
2009 - 5 mins
In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of
Ottawa Children's Choir, Jackie Hawley, director
Text: "The Arrow and the Song" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
SSA choir, piano, optional keyboard
Premiered May 23, 2009

A Wreathed Garland •
2009 - 3 mins
Commissioned by RCCO Toronto Chapter
for the Centenary of RCCO founding in 1909
Text: "A Wreath" by George Herbert
SATB choir and organ, two trumpets, two trombones
Premiered June 29, 2009
with The Elmer Iseler Singers, Lydia Adams, Director
and True North Brass

Trompette du Trouvere •
2009 - 4 mins
Commissioned by James Ruth, organist, for the 150th anniversary
of Trinity United Methodist Church, Denver, CO
Fanfare for organ featuring trumpet stop
Premiered September, 2009


We Love The Place, O God •
2010 - 3 mins
Commissioned by The Cathedral Church of All Saints, Halifax,
John Hudson, Music Director, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of worship in the Cathedral building.
Text by William Bullock, rev. by Henry Baker, from 'Songs of the Church' (Halifax, 1854) and Latin text from Liber Usualis
SATB choir and organ
Premiered September 12, 2010 Heritage Sunday

Let The Word of Christ •
2010 - 4 mins
Commissioned by Church of Christ Congregational, Norfolk, CT, Elizabeth Allyn, Minister of Music, in celebration of the church's 250th anniversary in 2010.
Text from Colossians
SATB choir and organ
Premiered November 7, 2010

Il Est Nι Le Divin Enfant •
2010 - 4 mins
Commissioned by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) for the CBC Christmas Sing-In 2010, Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul, Montreal, QC
Text: Arrangement of the traditional French carol
SATB choir, congregation, trumpets, trombones, cymbals and snare drum
Premiered December 12, 2010

O Magnum Mysterium •
2010 - 3 mins
Commissioned by Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, BC, Michael Gormley, Director of Music for Service of Nine Lessons and Carols
Text O Magnum Mysterium (Latin)
SATB choir unaccompanied
Premiered December 19, 2010

Christσs Anιsti (Christ Is Risen) •
2011 - 4 mins
Commissioned by Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, MI, John Repulski, Director of Music, for Easter Sunday Service
Text from Eastern Orthodox Rite, John of Damascus (8th cent.) trans. J. M. Neale, 1862
SATB choir, organ, brass quintet & percussion
Premiered April 24, 2011 (Easter Sunday)

The Dawning •
2011 - 6 mins
Commissioned by Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver BC, Rupert Lang, DIrector of Music (25 years), Vancouver Children's Choir, Rupert Lang, Founder and Director, (25th anniversary), Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir, Gail Suderman, Director (5th anniversary), and to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the City of Vancouver.
Text The Roman Rite, Trad. Spiritual, Judah Halevi (c.1075-1141)
Two SATB choirs, treble choir, piano, bass, percussion, organ, sax
Premiere June 3, 2011

Joy To The World •
2011 - 4 mins
Commissioned by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) for the CBC Christmas Sing-In 2011, Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul, Montreal, QC
Text: Arrangement of the traditional carol
SATB choir, congregation, trumpets, trombones, organ and tmpani
Premiered December 04, 2011

Nobile Claret Opus •
2012 - 4 mins
For Katherine Allidah Muller and Nathaniel Forbes Race Rogers on the happy occasion of their wedding, May 19, 2012
Text: Abbot Suger (1081-1151), from inscription on bronze doors of the Abbey Church of St. Denis, and Psalm 127 v.1
SATB choir and organ
Premiered May 19, 2012
Recorded on In The Wide Awe And Wisdom PEL1006 CD

Let All The World In Every Corner Sing •
2012 - 3 mins
Commissioned n honour of Emily Dow Petrenko, to mark 10 years of conducting the Youth Choir of St. John's Anglican Church, Elora, ON
Text: Geroge Herbert
Treble choir and organ
Premiere October 07, 2012

Offertorium •
2012 - 7 mins
Commissioned on behalf of St James United Church, Montrιal, for Philip Crozier, to celebrate his 25th year as Director of Music and to commemorate the restoration of Casavant, opus 1608, 2011.
Choral Partita for organ on theme of 'Picardy'.
Premiered September 28, 2012

God's Grandeur •
2012 - 4 mins
Commissioned on behalf of St James United Church, Montrιal, to commemorate the restoration of Casavant, opus 1608, 2011.
Text: Gerard Manley Hopkins
SATB choir and organ
Premiered November 4, 2012
Recorded on In The Wide Awe And Wisdom PEL1006 CD

We Are Not Alone
Choral Introit
2012 - 3 mins
Commissioned on behalf of St James United Church, Montrιal, and in memory of the Rev. Anne Hall.
Text: adapted from "A New Creed", United Church of Canada
SATB choir unaccompanied
Premiered November 4, 2012

Magnificat - Tone II •
2012 - 4 mins
Commissioned by All Saints’ Kingsway Anglican Church, Toronto
to celebrate the installation of its new Casavant organ.

Text (English) 'The Song of Mary'
SATB choir and organ
April 1, 2012 by All Saints' Kingsway Choir, Shawn Grenke,
Director of Music, and Amadeus Choir of Toronto, Lydia Adams,
Artistic Director
Recorded on In The Wide Awe And Wisdom PEL1006 CD

Mass of St. Michael the Archangel •
Kyrie, Gloria, Acclamations, Sanctus & Benedictus, Agnus Dei
2013 - 12 mins (total)
Commissioned by His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Toronto, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of St. Michael's Choir School, Toronto, Dr. Jerzy Cichocki, Artistic Director.
Text The Mass - English Translation of The Roman Missal, Copyright 2010 by the International Commission on English Liturgy Corporation (ICEL).
Setting for Unison, SATB choir, congregation, and organ
Optional accompaniment for brass quintet and timpani
December 2013

Praise, My Soul, The King of Heaven • 
2014 - 3 mins
Dedicated to Dr. Jerzy Cichocki, Artistic Director of St. Michael’s Choir School, Toronto, in recognition of having completed twenty-five years of teaching with the Toronto Catholic District School Board.
from the United Methodist Hymnal, based on Henry F. Lyte (1793-1847): Psalm 103
Lauda Anima John Goss (1800-80) arr. Paul Halley

SATB choir and organ
Premiere May 22, 2014

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled •
2014 - 5 mins
Commissioned by The Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York City, in honor of Mollie Nichols for twenty-five years of service as Director of Music & Organist.
Text: The Gospel of John 14:1-6 (KJV)
SATB choir and organ
Premiere June 1, 2014

"The layers of choir, organ and soloist scintillated like threads of gold in a rich brocade tapestry."

Ere zij God •
Arrangement of Traditional Dutch Carol
2014 - 3-1/2 mins
Commissioned by Jake and Jocelyn Knoppers in honor of the 35th Annual CBC Radio Christmas Sing-In, held at the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul, Montreal, on December 7, 2014.
Music & Text: "Ere zij God
SATB choir, congregation, organ, brass, percussion
Premiere December 7, 2014

Ode To Newfoundland • 
2015 - 3 mins
Commissioned by St. Michael's Choir School, Toronto, Dr. Jerzy Cichocki, Artistic Director, for the choir's Spring Tour of Newfoundland, May 2015.
Text: ‘Ode to Newfoundland’ by Sir Cavendish Boyle
Music: Ode to Newfoundland by Sir C. Hubert Parry arr. P. Halley
SATB choir, congregation, and organ
Premiere May 22, 2014

On The Foundation of the Apostles • 
2015 - 3 mins
Commissioned by St. John's Anglican Church, Lunenburg, NS, Barbara Butler, Director of Music
in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the restoration of the historic structure,
damaged by fire in 2001.
Text: Ephesians 3: 20-21
SATB choir, piano, and flute
Premiere June 14, 2015

For The Fallen •
2015 - 1 min
Setting of the beloved text, 'For The Fallen' by Laurence Binyon (1869 - 1943), for All Saints Cathedral, Halifax, Remembrance Sunday 2015.
Introit for SATB unaccompanied

(Sheet Music PEL5032)

When Music Sounds • 
2015 - 3 mins
Commissioned by The Plainville Choral Society, Plainville, CT in honor of Peeter and MaryJane Peluso for over forty years of service as director and accompanist, respectively.
Text: "Music" - Walter de la Mare (1873 - 1958)
SATB choir, piano, and optional organ
Premiere March 2016

In the Wide Awe and Wisdom of the Night •
2016 - 5 min
Setting of the text "In the Wide Awe and Wisdom of the Night" by Charles G.D. ROberts (1860-1943). Commissioned by Cardinal Carter Academy For The Arts, Toronto, ON to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the school. Eric Hauser, Director of Music.
For SATB choir and organ.

God In Three Persons: A Fantasia on 'Nicea' •
November 2017 - 5 min
A Fantasia on 'Nicea' for solo organ. Commissioned for Bette Mattox by Southside Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL in honor of her 50 years as organist for the church.
Organ solo.

The Bright Daystar Is Comen of His Heav'nly Towers •
December 2017 - 5 min
For SSA choir, piano, and organ. Setting of the Advent Prose and a traditonal Scottish melody with text by William Dunbar, for Christmas. Commissioned for The New York City Children's Chorus, 5th anniversary of the choir. Mary Huff, Director.
SSA choir with piano and organ, with optional SATB

She Moved Through The Fair •
May 2018 - 5 min
Setting of the traditional Irish and Nova Scotian folksongs, 'She Moved Through The Fair' and 'The False Knight Upon The Road'. Commissioned by Durham Philharmonic Choir, Whitby, ON, for the 25th anniversary of the choir. Robert M. Phillips, Director.
For SATB, piano, and cello.


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